Thursday, 7 December 2017

Six Beautiful Hair Styles for Natural 4C Hair

Since I decided to go natural searching for new fun hair styles has been a journey and am really not a fan of weaves and braids. My natural 4C hair journey started two years back where I finally made the big chop. There are several reasons I decided to go down this road mainly because of the many life threatening side effects associated with relaxers. The difficult part was cutting of my shoulder length hair, it really was the trickiest part of the whole process but I realized one thing if I never appreciate my real hair the way it is, how would I ever be able to tell my future daughter that her hair is perfect just the way it is and God does not make mistakes (sort of proclaiming my black power/heritage). The first step was to let my natural 4C hair grow for about a month without touching up the roots then I had my barber cut off the straight permed hair and finally shave my head even so I had a mini afro. I decided earlier on that I would avoid using heat (a blow dryer) to straighten out my tight kinks because let’s face it you only go through the big chop to enjoy wearing that Afro and the afro puff and excessive use of heat would cause my hair to remain straight and not curl. So now two years down the line my current hair length when stretched out is 12 cms but it is a journey and I have a long way to go to reach Mr. Harlem’s length. The best moisturizer for my hair I have come to discover is quite simple; water and am sure many people with natural hair can attest to that. So as I braid my hair before bed time I add water to soften out my hair. 

My favorite oils:
1.       Olive oil for shine and strength,
2.       Coconut oil for moisture and health,
3.       Shea butter seals in moisture,
4.       Glycerine to add moisture when it gets really dry

For the list above my hair type is actually dry like my skin type many of you may probable be wondering what 4C hair type is, It that really kinky African hair with real tight coils that kind of look like an “O” when it breaks off. See the diagram below for your hair type

So currently my hair is 12 cm long when stretched out and curls back down to 5cm after a wash (shrinkage is real). Currently my go to hair styles are short Afro or High Afro puff. But since am feeling my hair is at a point it can do more I decided to look around for some inspirations and here are my top looks for an all-natural Hair style with my overall vision being Benny’s natural hair length in 6 years( Scroll to the bottom of the page if you are curious who Benny is). 

Focusing on 4C hair here are a few natural hair styles for both short and longer natural 4C hair:

A)     The AFro
1.       Short Afro: I use to wear my hair like this because it is cute and still professional and just beautiful.

2.       Medium to large Afro: This is where I currently am 

3.       Parting your Afro: Still looks great

4.       Combed out Braid or Twist nicely styled

B)      Puffs

And a scarf to the mix and get a fresher look

C)      Mohawk Afro

D)     Bantu Knots

E)      Mixing Styles up by adding lines or partially plaiting your hair

F)      Larger Curls: Adding Coils or Curlers for larger curls be sure to use your fingers and not a comb to separate the curls

These are great new styles you should try on your natural hair. As mentioned earlier my vision for my hair Mr. Benny Harlem and his daughter Jaxyn you can follow them on YouTube and yes long natural hair is possible just see below

I hope that motivated you on your natural hair journey and I just love how there are so many new trends and styles for natural 4C hair coming up each day. This concludes my top 6 hair styles I cannot wait to try. What’s yours?    

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