Sunday, 26 October 2014

10 Natural Ways to Lighten Your Skin

I love the different complexions I see around me every day. As women we are always looking for ways to maintain a glowing and youthful complexion. Over the years the effects of the sun, change in body size, scars, stretch marks and acne tend to darken our complexion and leave us with an uneven skin tone. Using chemical to bleach our skins in the form of chemical peels, mercury and bleaching cream can lead to long term damage to your skin and in some cases death. Therefore I looked into natural ways to lighten your skin, regain your skins elasticity, reduce the appearance of scar and treat acne. The following are the top 10 natural ways to lighten your skin.

Turmeric By Simon A. Eugster  Wikimedia Commons

1.      Turmeric

This is a famous Indian skin care regime with antiseptic properties that relieve sun burns. Turmeric is an exfoliating agent effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and acne. Turmeric will lighten your skin tone and fades away scars as well as stretch marks, giving you an even complexion. Turmeric also inhibits melanin production preventing your skin from tanning.