Friday, 29 November 2013

New to Yoga

Yoga gives you the chance to live a long and healthily life. Yoga is a mind-body practice comprising of a number of poses and breathing techniques. Yoga classes usually wind up with 20-30 minutes of meditation to relax your body and mind. Yoga has been known to relieve chronic pains and stress enhancing your well being and is a spiritual and health journey you should try. There are different types of yoga which include Power yoga class, Hatha yoga (Vinyasa), Bikram (hot) yoga class and others. They all have a combination of poses that stretch out your body and improving circulation to different parts of your body, depending on the pose. The type of yoga wear depends entirely on the type of yoga class you opt to take.
photo courtesy of wikipedia
It is important to select a yoga wear that is not to tight and uncomfortable to wear. You will be required to stretch out your legs and arms, so ensure that the type of clothing you wear provides you with the freedom to move between poses without tearing. The yoga outfit must not also be too loose as some of the inversion poses will leave you exposed as your top may go over your head. Your yoga wear should consist of a fitting top and yoga pants which will give you the comfort you need as well as allow the instructor to better check your alignment. A Tank top, a Sports bra or a tight fitting T-shirt is great to use however do avoid