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Probiotics And You

Probiotics are microorganisms such as yeast or bacteria that the body requires to boost immunity and maintain good health. An individual already contains over 400 different types of microorganisms in the digestive system. These probiotics can be taken in as food or supplements. Some foods which are rich in probiotics include yogurt, honey, soya milk, dark chocolate and even olives. Probiotic supplements are commonly used to treat or prevent side effects caused by antibiotics.

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The Benefits of Probiotics In Your Digestive System

      ·         They assist the body detoxify heavy metals and chemicals.
      ·         They fight and prevent the overgrowth of candida yeast and toxic bacteria.
·         They help in the repair of the intestinal lining by inducing reactive oxygen species.
·         They help the body produce B-Complex vitamins and vitamin K.

      ·         They improve the absorption of nutrients in the digestive system.
·         They provide comfort to individuals suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by reducing          some of the symptoms which include abdominal pain.
·         They reinforce the intestine mucous membrane immunity and increase the body’s resistance to            infection.

Health Benefits Provided by Probiotics
Probiotics mainly differ according to their genus, species and strain. There are different strains of
probiotics and each has its own benefits. Probiotics called Lactobacillus reuteri which is found in dairy and meat products tend to;

      ·         Lower high blood pressure in patients.
      ·        Stop tooth decay by fighting harmful bacteria.
·         Improve feminine hygiene.
·         Reduce the severity of colds and flu.
·         Reduce Eczema skin condition.
·         Improved brain function.
·         Reduce bladder cancer recurrence.
·         Treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
·         Treat diarrhea.

Bifidobacteria which comprises of 90% of the bacteria found in the colon, research has shown that this type of probiotics helps in the reduction of cavities, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), improves blood lipids as well as glucose tolerance during pregnancy.
Saccharomyces boulardi is the only yeast probiotics and is effective in treating diarrhea and acne. Streptococcus thermophis is used in preventing lactose intolerance.
Enterococcus facecium normally found in the digestive track and reduce diarrhea.
Leuconostoc commonly used in the processing of food.

Not all probiotics have added health benefits and most of these probiotics occur naturally in the human body. However, it is still important to maintain a healthy diet rich in healthy probiotics that the body can benefit from. In addition, taking antifungal that have antibiotic properties will kill a few of the beneficial bacteria that you are reproducing. This would be a good point to reintroduce probiotics into your diet to boost the levels of healthy bacteria. There are some personal habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol, over dependence on antibiotic and stress will reduce the levels of probiotics found in the body. Everyone should take probiotics in a regular basis, there is however not so much information available about probiotic supplements as most of them are not as effective as they claim to be and little is known about how they may affect the body in the long run. An alternative would be a diet which is rich in probiotics rather than supplements. For more information consult your family doctor.


  1. Research focused extensively on the work that probiotics do in the 1990s. This is when the first probiotic supplements appeared on the market.

    Probiotics work in a very simple, yet highly beneficial way. They keep the populations of harmful microorganisms from growing. Some probiotics are also capable of killing pathogens, thus improving digestion and preventing conditions like candida or urinary tract infections.

  2. Foods rich in probiotics and a high quality probiotic supplement can be incorporated in a healthy diet aimed at weight reduction. If you’re overweight, prediabetic or already suffering from diabetes, you will definitely enjoy the power of the good bacteria.